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Designers as curators:

In the future, designers will train their AI tools to solve design problems by creating models based on their preferences.

The ongoing era of superstar designers:

As AI-driven parametric design enables designers to quickly and easily create millions of variations of a design, most designers’ productivity will dramatically increase. […] (but) until AI is capable of surprising us with completely novel ideas, superstar designers and companies that invest in them will continue to dominate, increasing the value of design brands.

I can see the potential for a future where our personal AI assistants, armed with a deep understanding of our influences, heroes, and inspirations, constantly critique our work, suggesting ideas and areas of improvement. A world where problem-solving bots help us see a problem from a variety of perspectives, through different frameworks. Where simulated users test things we’ve designed to see how they will perform in a variety of contexts and suggest improvements, before anything is even built. Where A/B testing bots are constantly looking for ways to suggest minor performance optimizations to our design work.

AI and the future of design: Will machines take your job?

How do we retrain a significant percentage of the workforce to occupations that are more resilient to technological automation and what are the characteristics of these automation-proof occupations?

For how long will we be able to stay ahead of the gradually accelerating capabilities of automation systems?

AI and the future of design